Edible Gardens
YardFarm exists to help people grow their own food. We build the best raised beds in Texas from a variety of materials to suit your needs, including pine, cedar, stone, steel and corrugated metal.

Outdoor Living
Outdoor dining and relaxing is a key component of the Austin lifestyle. From patios to water features or pergolas to decks, we can help you create your dream outdoor living space.

Pathways add order and elegance to your property, and are a starting place in landscape design. What are the elements and how do we move between them?

Custom Steel
YardFarm constructs custom crafted steel vessels and retaining walls that will last a lifetime and lend a unique aesthetic that compliments both rustic and modern aesthetics.

Waterwise Irrigation
Rainwater collection & waterwise irrigation reduces landscape water use and protects our aquifer. A YardFarm rainwater harvest system saves money and water. Be secure knowing you have clean H20.

Native Landscape
Austin’s climate can be intense but with just the right touch, a landscape that has been scorched by the Texas heat can be transformed into the beautiful drought tolerant oasis you’ve dreamed of and deserve. We use native and adapted plants appropriate for Austin, natural materials, water wise irrigation, and sustainable hardscapes. Let us design your space in a way that gives you what you need, what you want while reflecting your values and your lifestyle.

Fences can be crucial to protect your veggie garden investment, keep dogs and children safe or to provide privacy from unsightly or unwanted elements. We can build simple fences or funky fences. We have built ranch style, modern with steel, horizontal picket and standard wood or wire.