Garden-to-Glass: Cocktail Gardens

24 October 2017No Comment

Autumn is here and the warm weather has us thinking about patios and sipping cool refreshing drinks in the evenings. Drinks made with fruit, vegetables and fresh-picked herbs as flavorings will be the toast of your spring party. We have noticed in some Austin restaurants that the bartenders are getting in on the farm-to-table movement by including delicious herbs and veggies in their cocktails and creating a garden-to-table movement with cocktail gardens.
Creating a cocktail garden in your own yard is easy and fun. To begin, think about your favorite cocktails. Drinks with gin favor herbal and berry flavors. Vodka is delicious with fruity and spicy flavors. A simple internet search will bring up thousands of recipes that include fresh and homegrown ingredients.

Next, consider the edibles you would like to include in your beds.

Here are some suggestions that we love:

  • Lemon verbena: lemonades, gin cocktails
  • Mint: juleps, lemonade, mojitos
  • Rosemary: delicious with gin
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Cilantro
  • Peppers
  • Berries
  • Cucumbers

And so many more, be creative!

We would love to help you find a great spot for your cocktail garden! Our veggie pods are a perfect size to get started. You could use one bed for tomatoes and peppers, another for cucumbers or berries and a third for your herbs. Call us today and you could have your very own garden-to-glass spring soiree!