Price List

As each site is drastically different than the next, it is hard to provide simple cookie cutter pricing. YardFarm can work with folks of any budget and aesthetic preference. Some renters might not want to invest in permanent features they will leave behind and some homeowners want 20 years of hassle-free gardening. We aim to provide the best solution based on your lifestyle, budget and tastes.

We build custom garden boxes from a variety of materials.

Prices below are for our standard garden beds.

YardFarm Garden Boxes:
• include 1 free maintenance visit
• are dug to 16″-20″ tilth and fully amended
• are much more than just a box on your yard!

Many, many more options are available. We can do in-ground beds less than the above pricing and we do full scale custom landscaping for homes, institutions and business. Call us anytime for a site visit to discuss options.

Drip Irrigation
Packages start at $375 (for one 4′x4′ bed). This includes tubing and the first 10ft of trenching. Additional tubing costs for larger beds are $.50/sq ft. Additional trenching distance to a hose bib is an additional $2.50 a foot. Integration into an existing irrigation system usually starts at $400 plus trenching.

Please call us to discuss rainwater harvesting systems.

Other Offerings
Veggie Starts are $2.00 each
Straw Mulch is $14.75 for a full bale and $7.50 for a half bale.
Pine Straw Mulch $20.00
Compost is $10.00 for a 50lb bag.
Tomato Cages $13.00 a cage.
Aviary netting $1.50 a ft.

Our Service Area
Our service area includes the following zip codes: 78702, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78721, 78722, 78723, 78724, 78731, 78741, 78742, 78744, 78745, 78751, 78752, 78756, 78757. All areas outside these zip codes will be charged a delivery/travel fee assessed on the specific location of the site. With rising fuel costs and travel time for our staff, we must charge $3.00/mile from our shop to the site for every trip. This covers diesel, drive time, and the return trip.

Terms and Warranty
We offer 100% craftsman guarantee for life.
Materials are guaranteed for 1 year. does not include normal wear and tear, rusting, flaking of stone or concrete, flood damage or other acts of God.
Plants will be guaranteed and replaced with the purchase of maintenance plan for the cost of plants. If no maintenance plan is purchased, plants will be replaced at cost plus half price labor.