Paths around gardens and across your property are awesome. Spend more time outside on a deck, a new patio or next to a pond. Let our artisans sustainably craft your dream yard. We have experience with a wide range of hardscapes and we never compromise on sustainable construction techniques or quality.


Pathways add order and elegance to your property, and are a starting place in landscape design. What are the elements and how do we move between them?

We can build a simple flagstone path or do a more formal walkway bordered by an edge. This is typically steel plate or stone of some sort. The surface between could be flagstone, decomposed granite, crushed limestone, or gravel.


We could all use a bit more area to hang out outside. Outdoor dining and relaxing is a key component of the Austin lifestyle. Patios can be as simple as a packed decomposed granite pad or full fledged flagstone expanse. Our masons are excellent and can work in a wide range of stone styles.


Decks can be built from cedar, composite or treated pine, and in a range of styles. Deck options include benches, railing, steps and skirts. We love steel and like to wrap the bottoms of decks in it, but simpler options do exist.


Would a wall be the right thing to tame a hillside? Do you need to solve a drainage issue? Would you like the option to have a long seating wall surrounding a native planting? From stucco covered cinder block to steel plate we can find an option that will satisfy aesthetic and functional requirements.


Fences can be crucial to protect your veggie garden investment, keep dogs and children safe or to provide privacy from unsightly or unwanted elements. We can build simple fences or funky fences. We have built ranch style, modern with steel, horizontal picket and standard wood or wire.

Water Features

We have built dry stream beds, ponds, French drains and fountains. Let us know what you have in mind and we can craft something to add unique a unique element to your landscape.