Edible Gardens


YardFarm started with goal of helping people grow their own food. We build the best raised beds in Texas and know the tricks to make your fruit trees, berries, herbs, cane fruit and vegetables thrive. Invest in your future and get growing. Call today for a free consult and start growing.


Raised Veggie Beds

YardFarm specializes in vegetable beds and crafts sturdy raised beds that are made to last.  We use only premium soil that comes with all you need to get your veggies growing fast and healthy with no added synthetics.  We like to encourage people to plant larger gardens with multiple beds.  One 4′x8′ bed per person is a great starter size garden and will provide you with food nearly year round.  Homesteaders would want 4 beds that size as a bare minimum.  Beds can be made of a wide variety of materials to suit your needs to include: stone, steel, cedar, pine, or corrugated metal.





Corrugated Steel, 4×4 & In-Ground

Fruit Trees

YardFarm has planted hundreds of fruit trees in the Austin area. We understand a lot about area micro-climates and the specific varieties best suited for them. With proper fruit tree selection and planting and our quality water wise irrigation your trees are sure to thrive. There are many different types of fruit to grow in the Central Texas area including select apples, pears, plums, figs, pomegranates, grapes, loquats, and the ever favorite Texas Peach. We have an orchard of our own and love fruit. Whether you are making jam, pies, smoothies or just eating them raw, its a great investment – for you, your friends and our families.

Berry Plants

Remember trees aren’t the only fruit producers. Strawberries, blackberries, dewberries, raspberries, blueberries and many others are perennial crops that will keep producing for years to come. We can design and install a huge variety of edible plantings on your property with the specialty knowledge that will kick start your sweet tooth.


There are dozens of herbs that grow in the Austin area. With such a plethora of options we can custom create any style or theme that interests you from basic cooking herbs, a cocktail garden, medicinal herbs, specialty tea garden or even to an Herbes de Provence mix. Don’t forget that herbs are not just for us, many of them act to attract beneficial insect while at the same time keeping unwanted insects at bay. We can do custom creations of almost any sort to fit your desires. Many of the same materials and techniques as our raised beds can be used and pricing is the same.

Butterflies and Other Beneficials

Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and hundreds other flying creatures are important members of our ecosystem and their presence in our garden can be both delightful and helpful. Some pollinate, some eat other less beneficial bugs and some are just awesome to look at. Talk to us about adding a butterfly garden near your veggie bed, porch or kitchen window.

Custom Farm-scapes

YardFarm has built orchards, pastures, ranch fencing, pole barns, greenhouses and chicken coops. We have also worked with wells and water storage to irrigate farmland, edible fruit orchards and even sprigged pastures for livestock grazing. No design is too small, we have developed properties smaller than one acre and larger than 10. We are eager to see your big dreams become a reality.