Garden Gifts: Herb Wreath

28 November 2012No Comment

We here at YardFarm sure hope that all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! With the recent end of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are sure that many of our readers are looking for handmade alternatives to the store bought products so often seen during these holiday months. Look no further than your own backyard! In addition to fresh homegrown produce, your garden is brimming with creative gifting possibilities. Here are simple steps to craft a lovely wreath from the abundant herbs currently found in your garden beds.

Great Herbs to Use(fresh):

Lemon Balm

Tools Needed:

Wreath Base- This could be just about anything! woven branches work well, foam circles, wire, or a cut plywood circle. Any craft store will carry a ready-supply of wreath bases.

Binding– Because the fresh herbs will be bunched before we fit them into a wreath, you want to find a material that will keep them close together. Wire, Florists tape, or twine seem to work the best.

A Hanger– If you would like your wreath to hang from walls or on doors, you may want to consider gathering wire, twine, ribbon, or yarn for support.

Clippers– A solid pair of scissors, wire cutters, pruners, or any clippers will come in handy when you are looking to shape your herb stems into the desired configuration.

Metal pins & clips– this will help keep your herbs in place once they are placed on the wreath base.

Rubber Bands– Wrapping rubber bands around the bases of your drying herbal bunches will ensure that they stick together despite losing water and shrinking overtime.

Accents– Ribbons, raffia, small bird figurines can all make a lovely final touch to your herb wreath if you wish to dress it up for a special person or for a particular room in your home.


Get Started!

Our focus here is to create a wreath that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.The best part of making an herb wreath for anyone, is that it also serves as a wonderful drying method for proper herb preservation. Feel free to pick herbs off the wreath for cooking throughout the year!

To start, lay a trash bag or newspaper layer on your workspace- things are about to get messy!
Gather your herbs in bunches. Try to keep the herbal bunches no longer than 6 inches, unless you would like a bushier look to your wreath.

Secure your herbal bunches at the base of the stem with your wire, floral tape, or twine. For added security, wrap a rubber band around the base of the bunch to keep it tight over time. These will be added to your wreath base one at a time in order to achieve the desired look.

When added an herbal bunch, be sure to stack them, going one direction around the circular base in order to hide the wires or wrapping of the bunch before it. Each bunch should be securely fastened to the base with pins or hooks to keep it in place. For a more interesting and eclectic look, try to pair different leaves and textures next to each other, peppering the flowering herbs throughout.

Once you reach the last section of the wreath, and there is a notable gap between the start and end, form an herb bunch that has stems facing outward in both directions. Doing this will help the wreath to look endless, as though there is no obvious start or end. Take a look at your wreath and add in greenery where wires or twine are visible. Be sure the wreath base it completely covered with herbs. Trim with pruners if necessary.

Add the hanger to the back of your wreath, securing it with wire, pins, or hot glue. Add details to the completed wreath. Tie a bow or add raffia ribbon around the desired location, or nestle a bird along the center circle of the wreath.

Congratulations- You have completed your first herbal wreath! The good news is that each attempt brings you a more attractive wreath, easier to make than the last. Sometimes it takes practice, so never be afraid to experiment and have fun.

This is just one of the many great gifting ideas that can come straight from your garden. We also love to give preserves, herbal teas, or seed bombs! There are many options. If you would like more ideas, don’t hesitate to Email us! Also, send pictures of your herbal wreath creation- we would love to see what Central Texan gardeners are coming up with this holiday season.

Happy Gardening!