YardFarm strives to be Austin’s best provider of artisan veggie beds, rainwater collection systems, and native landscaping. Here are testimonials from some of our clients:


“You and your crew have been the most professional and pleasant team of people!”
“For years I had intended to plant a garden, but the upfront work always seemed too daunting. Then Zach left a flyer, and I had a garden in no time. Not only did he do all the hard work, he actually knew what he was doing. Now we enjoy the fruits–actually, vegetables–of his labor, and we take all the credit for our beautiful garden. Zach also offers a plan for monthly check-ups and updates, which is a great way to make sure you don’t destroy his beautiful work.”

“A lot of times in our lives it’s really easier to imagine how we’d like things to be, rather than follow through. Which is why, for example, I can picture myself going to the gym every day and also why I don’t actually do that. But being a gardener—a true gardener growing my own food—turns out to be one of those things I am capable of. I just needed the equivalent of a personal trainer to get me there. And Zach, I can say with gratitude, has truly whipped me into shape.”

“If you are new to gardening and need friendly and responsive experts to help you get started, YardFarm is the company for you. Zach and his crew really know their stuff and go out of there way to give suggestions, provide basic practical tips, and will even deliver and install plants as needed. They are also quick to call back and will even come by for a visit to check on how your garden is going. I am lucky to have discovered them. My YardFarm is one of the best Christmas presents ever.”
“Zach designed and built the vegetable garden at our house, and we love it. Arugula grows like gangbusters here, and last Fall, peas, tomatoes, and cucumbers did also! Ross and I are moving at the end of this month (whoa) and are definitely hiring Zach to build us another garden.”
“I had two trees planted and an extension put around the patio. There was a lot of communication beforehand to make certain of what I wanted. Zach and his crew did an excellent and punctual job and I am 100% satisfied with the outcome.”
“YardFarm designed and installed a beautiful and functional garden in my yard. I highly recommend their services based upon the wonderful personal experience, competitive prices and overall fantastic service I experienced. Zach put together a great proposal, was incredibly communicative, and his kind and wonderful team built a garden that I am proud to show off. I absolutely love eating fresh vegetables everyday and greatly appreciate that YardFarm can take care of the week to week maintenance.”